Office Staff

Internal Coordinator &
Assistant to Founder/CEO

Michelle Aldridge | 602.818.6959


Program Coordinator

Sara Davirro | 602.818.6959


Program Facilitators


Richard Bestwick is currently studying to be a certified special education teacher. He has been a part of the RTF team for over 8 years; Volunteering with the youth in his community is very important to him. Richard and his wife Heather will be welcoming their first child in March 2017.


Aeimee Diaz holds a master’s degree in Chinese medicine and acupuncture; she enjoys music and playing bass in her spare time. Aeimee believes in minimalism and believes in reducing your carbon footprint.

Jaclyn Gomez is currently working on starting a photography business and plans to continue traveling the world. She enjoys cooking, photography and music. Her goal in life is to grow as an individual and help inspire others.

Amelia Hernandez is a full time master travel agent during the day. She is also a local artist displaying work in multiple galleries often painting live. Her aspiration in life is to inspire others.


Rosie Paluch was a counselor at Saguaro High School for 25 years while volunteering with the Anytown program for 35 years. She enjoys yoga, playing bridge and volunteering in her community.

Makita White is a new addition to the Release the Fear team, she will soon be graduating from ASU with a major in psychology and minor in studio arts.