Second Chance Transition

Second Chance Transition


Target audience: Young Adults transitioning from incarceration back into their communities

# of Participants:  20 - 25

Duration: 3 days, 2 hours per day


Our Second Chance Transition program will begin with our Bridging Possibilities workshop. Facilitators refer to these opening activities as “shaking up the snow globe” of feelings; providing an avenue for participants to allow emotions to resettle in a different perspective and assist the young people in being more open.

Bridging Possibilities Workshop – a New Vision

The New Vision workshop focuses specifically on utilizing the needs and wants of the individual participant. The activities work specifically on assisting with stepping back and seeing the big picture of their chosen actions. Participants learn to step back and find positive solutions within negative situations thus allowing them to begin to see things in a different perspective

Day 1: 
Participants will create a storyboard describing their life story.

  • Using a large accordion folded piece of paper, participants will draw the story of their lives outlined in three parts, their past, present and future. 

Day 2:
Participants will then write about their drawing.

  • Homework Assignment: Participants will draw and journal about their day specifically focusing on something positive. The goal is that the Homework Assignment will serve as an encouraging reminder of the good experienced during the workshop. 

Day 3:
Participants will then review their life story, again, focusing on something positive.

  • Daily journaling can continue until workshop follow up.

While participants complete their daily assignment they will not be aware of what will be taking place next in the assignment.