Professional/Personal Development

Professional/Personal Development


Target audience: Professional Adults

# of Participants: 15 - 20

Cognitive Focus: Explore safe and healthy communication tools

Duration: One (1) day, One (1) – Two (2) hour workshop

Release the Fear’s Professional/Personal Development program encourages adults to explore safe and healthy communication. Facilitators use the principles of cultural diversity, leadership, and social skills development as conduits for overcoming personal obstacles. The workshop provides creative problem solving solutions enabling participants opportunities to enjoy a more positive, effective, and peaceful workplace environment.

The Professional/Personal Development program provides and demonstrates endless possibilities and options for the individual. Implementing the experiential creative process of whole-brain thinking, RTF facilitators awaken the creative consciousness and expose individuals to the unlimited potential of critical thinking, problem solving, and self-empowerment. The participants will realize a myriad of new possibilities and purposes ultimately leading to improved life skills and becoming a productive member of the team.