Professional/Personal Development

Professional/Personal Development


Target audience: Professional Adults

# of Participants: 15 - 20

Cognitive Focus: Explore safe and healthy communication tools

Duration: one (1) day, one (1) – two (2) hour workshop

Release the Fear’s Professional Development program engages adults to explore safe and healthy communication. It assists in overcoming personal obstacles through, insight into cultural diversity, leadership and social skills development. It exposes the participants to creative problem solving and creates the opportunity to shift co-worker communications to more effective and peaceful outlets.

This program provides and demonstrates endless possibilities and options for the individual through the experiential creative process of whole-brain thinking. Awakening creative consciousness and exposes the individual to the unlimited potential of critical thinking, problem solving, and self-empowerment, awakening the individual to new possibilities and a new purpose that leads to improved life skills and becoming a productive member of the team.