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We can create a societal savings of $30 billion.

How is this possible?

Statistics from 1998, state there is an overwhelming societal cost for each youth who is headed for a life of crime.

“The overall lifetime estimate per youth is $2.3 to $5.3 million”.
~Mark A. Cohen, Owen School of Management, Vanderbilt University
"The Monetary Value of Saving High-Risk Youth, pubished 1998

In today's terms, this is estimated to be $3 million spent per youth for a lifetime of crime and incarceration. If Release the Fear had that same $3 million, we would be able to positively impact 40,000 individuals over a ten-year period (based on a tuition cost of $100 per participant).  

Surveys conducted of Detention Staff report that these programs have resulted in a reduction in recidivism of 25%, which for 40,000 RTF program participants would equal 10,000 individuals potentially saved from a life of crime.

10,000 X 3 Million = $30,000,000,000.00 savings to society, using current day costs.

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