Discover U = Summer Camps

Discover U = Summer Camps


Target audience: 6th - 8th Grade Students

# of Participants: 30

Focus: Assist in the transition from Middle to High School

Duration: Four (4) days, Four (4) hours each day

Goals: Teach participants to plan positive outcomes through decision making, and to overcome disabilities through leadership and social skills development.


Release the Fear’s Discover U = Summer Camp program, will involve youth in organized activities where they can enhance their lives by making healthy food choices, experiencing fun fitness, exercise and dance.

The program components and daily activities are nutrition, exercise, dance, art, music, cognitive behavioral skills, conflict resolution skills, and communication skills. We will teach smart food choices, fun fitness activities, tools to help youth with school work, peer pressure, and bullying. Youth are inspired to make better life choices, learning to embrace life and realize their unlimited potential through interactive games and activities.

Participants at Discover U Summer Camp Yoga Program are encouraged to move toward more sustainable means of communication, self-confidence, social competence, and spatial awareness through the practice of yoga. Discover U Summer Camp Yoga curriculum was designed specifically to introduce children to the concepts of awareness, sustainability, and effective thinking; and to give them the tools to positively navigate an ever-shifting society.

By allowing them a safe space for self-expression and epistemological exploration, the children have an opportunity to define their personal goals and dreams. Then, working with themes like “teamwork”, “self-respect”, and “breathing to focus”, the children are exposed to new ideas that opened up their concepts of self. And by identifying and addressing their physical, mental, and emotional needs, the children were able to establish personal values as well as the human values that inspire them to reach their goals, both short term and life-long. Participants gain a deeper understanding of their bodies and minds. The children take away a set of skills that will give them a distinct advantage in their journeys toward the bright future.