Discover U = After School

Discover U = After School

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Target audience: Grades 6th-8th Students

# of Participants: 20 – 30

Focus: Assist in the transition from Middle School to High School

Duration: Eight (8) weeks, Two (2) hours each week

Goals: To assist participants in the transition from Middle to High School by stimulating their minds, bodies, and spirits with meaningful activities while empowering them with the tools to make better life choices.


Release the Fear’s Discover U = After School is a leadership program which can be integrated within the school year. Our facilitators provide our future leaders the educational resources to help them determine a road map to explore life's possibilities and how they may achieve their dreams.

Each segment has been designed to meet Arizona College and Career Readiness standards, with focus on self-reflection, self-confidence, ambition, respect of self and others, and believing in one's self. Potentially the most effective segments will be on self-empowerment and knowing that each individual has the power of choice. Our ultimate goal is to help the students avoid succumbing to peer pressure, improve academic awareness, deal with daily stresses, and conquer feelings of isolation and awkwardness.

Discover U = After School successfully educates youth struggling to find purpose, giving students an opportunity to be productive after school. The program is designed to benefit and provide guidance to young people who face the daily struggles of bullying, obesity, and environments where drug use, suicide, and gang involvement is prevalent. All of these issues negatively affect individuals overall retention and capacity to learn.

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The empowered youth will make healthy and informed life choices for themselves, their family, and communities. An educated youth promotes the power of mind, body, and spirit inspiring them in their present lives and their future aspirations. When we feel good about ourselves, we feel empowered to reach new heights. 

Students participating in the Discover U = After School program will be taught new decision making, coping, leadership and social skills, improved communication, fitness techniques and acquire healthy nutrition information and eating habits. At the end of the 8 weeks, expect an incredible transformation. Students will emerge as truly phenomenal youth, capable of realizing their dreams.