Bridging Your Future

Bridging Your Future



Target audience: 13 – 17 year olds

# of Participants: 20 - 25

Focus:  Introduction to Financial Literacy

Duration: Two (2) days, Three (3) hours each day

Goals: Introduce participants to essential financial literacy tools to assist them in reaching their future goals.

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Release the Fear’s Bridging Your Future, Financial Literacy Program, has been designed to teach Arizona’s young adults essential financial preparation which will help educate them manage their future finances.This program is specially developed to focus on youths, aged 13-17, that have previously participated in a Release the Fear, Bridging Possibilities workshops and demonstrated interest in additional RTF programs.

The curriculum of the Financial Literacy program consists of several interactive games and activities that were developed in alignment with state standards. Psychologist Howard Gardner’s, Theory of Multiple Intelligences, and Linda Levin and Deborah Bateman's 2015 book entitled, Help! I’m Moving Out on My Own, are suggested guides for parents and teens.

Utilizing targeted activities structured around financial literacy, our facilitators introduce and provide detailed instruction. These essential money management tools empower workshop participants to reach out and achieve their dreams while ultimately assisting them in making more informed life choices.