Bridging Possibilities

Bridging Possibilities


Target audience: 6 – 12 Grade

# of Participants: 20 – 30

Cognitive Focus: Leadership, Positive Self-worth, Conflict Management

Duration: three (3) days, two (2) hours each day

Goals: Teach youth and young adults valuable life skills focusing on dealing with cultural diversity, peer pressure, bullying, and anger management. Share with the community a message stressing decreased violence of all types. Introduce new and fresh perspectives thought the creative process.


Release the Fear’s Bridging Possibilities program engages individuals to explore safe and healthy lifestyles and to overcome their disabilities through, insight into cultural diversity, leadership and social skills development. It exposes the participants to creative problem solving and creates the opportunity to shift a life to a more effective and peaceful outlet. Each segment has been designed to meet Arizona College and Career Readiness Standards

This program provides and demonstrates endless possibilities and options for the individual through the experiential creative process of whole-brain thinking. Awakening creative consciousness and exposes the individual to the unlimited potential of critical thinking, problem solving, and self-empowerment, awakening the individual to new possibilities and a new purpose that leads to improved life skills and becoming a productive community member. Without these critical life skills, the still-maturing minds of youth view their future as bleak and set in stone with no hope for a “normal” life.

At the end of the 3-day workshop, as the culmination and pinnacle of their experiences drawn from the program, participants create a group painting to present to the public; an expression created by persons from multiple perspectives can be harmonious and unifying.

The Bridging Possibilities workshop activities include:

Who Am I? Objective: to understand cultural diversity, how much everyone has in common yet often “judge a book by its cover”. 

Seeing Beyond Objective: to have participants use their senses to describe and identify an object, stimulating the sense of touch, smell, and intuitive sense using new descriptive words: translucent, opaque, sphere, and cylinder shape. 

Through the Hoops Objective: learn to work as a team and identify the skills of self and others, asking for help when needed, so if you see others have a skill you want to have to achieve your dreams, ask for help while linking up and passing hoops from participant to participant.  

Drawing Our Memories, Fears, Hopes, and Dreams Objective: Understand the concept of drawing as a means to communicate feelings and ideas. Overcome doubts and recognize fears, then achieve your dreams by listening to yourself rather than others. By sharing these drawing with the group they are able to realize they are not alone and share hopes and dreams with their peers.

 Color Objective: to see color through music and experience how color can affect mood and express feelings.  

Group Painting Objective: to understand the concept of using teamwork, respectful feedback, and learning how to show appreciation all while learning to accentuate and not desecrate. The finished painting is a symbol of what they are capable of achieving as a community.