Target Audience: Adults and youths

# of Participants: 20-25 youth, 20-25 parents

Focus: Empowering youth and adults to be contributing members of their families and communities

Duration: One (1) day, Four (4) hours

Goals: To empower parents and children with the self-esteem and self-confidence to be contributing members of their families and communities. These goals align with our mission of countering the effects of violence in our communities by turning fear, anger, and hate into acceptance, hope, and self-empowerment, thus bridging endless possibilities through the creative process.

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Release the Fear’s 2Gen is a multi-generational program that focuses on under-served youth and families. The 2Gen facilitators help strengthen and bridge a better sense of understanding of others challenges. Often the parent/guardian does not realize the threats that their child faces daily. Bullying, peer pressure, gangs, a lack of self-confidence and low self-esteem are common burdens shouldered by our young people. Participants will realize they have a life purpose, and can make their dreams their reality. In addition, 2Gen graduates will discover a mutual respect for one another, learn to support each other, become team players, communicate more effectively, better understand diversity; and realize that others share their same fears – fears that may be blocking them from discovering that anything is possible, and that, yes, their lives do have purpose!

Each workshop activity builds upon itself as the facilitators provide positive life changing skills that focus on expression through drawing, memory-building exercises, and a mutual understanding of respect and responsibility.The drawing activities encourage participants to communicate their feelings and ideas, while overcoming personal doubts and recognizing fears. Participants will learning that they can achieve their dreams.

Workshop participants take pre, post, and interim surveys. After each activity, individuals take turns being team leaders.The leaders are responsible for extracting inquiry from their team members and reporting the findings to the all particpants, i.e. how would this activity help you in your daily life, or as a student, and why.