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Cherry and Rachel's RTF Testimony from Release the Fear on Vimeo.

Please allow me to share some of our accomplishments:
In 2005 Release the Fear and the Arizona Community unveiled a sculpture as a tangible reminder to the core of our mission, believing that all perceived negatives can be transformed into a positive life experience, as displayed in the sculpture titled "Release the Fear." This 17,000 pound sculpture, incorporating four tons of melted-down weapons previously used in violent crimes, emerging 25 foot in the middle of Central Avenue in Phoenix, AZ. is the visual symbol that impacting countless viewers as a reminder that anything is possible.

Rebuilding young lives through art and self-esteem
Thursday, March 14, 2013 8:58 am
By BILL COATES, Valley Life Editor

More than two dozen teens gathered in a small classroom at First Presbyterian Church on Cottonwood Lane. This wasn’t Bible class. They were here to learn about themselves through art and communication.

Phoenix artist Robert Miley led the session. He started by asking all the teens to introduce themselves and name one thing they liked about themselves. So it was that the session began on a positive note. And building a positive self-image is a big part of the three-day workshop, known as Release the Fear.

One young man, braided locks flowing over his shoulder, said: “I like my hair.” Another said, “I’m awesome.” Then, “My name’s Cynthia, I’m nice.”

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By Kaila WhiteThe Republic | azcentral.com

Wed Jan 23, 2013 9:48 PM

Though completed in 2005, a sculpture in downtown Phoenix is garnering attention again because of a reignited gun-control debate.

Towering at 24 feet, “Release the Fear” is made from 4 tons of melted weapons including handguns, machine guns, knives, nunchaku, chains and a samurai sword.

The weapons were all confiscated by local law-enforcement officials and donated to the project. Some are visible in the base, their mangled metal transforming into a human figure reaching up to the sky.

“It took a while to collect them; there was some opposition,” said Robert Miley, the Phoenix-based artist behind the project.

It took him 10 years to complete the sculpture because of hurdles from local developers, City Council members, funding problems and light-rail plans, he said. And the National Rifle Association, after many conversations, agreed not to oppose the project even though their bylaws discourage the melting down of guns.

Weapons were donated from all over the Valley.

The city of Glendale provided confiscated knives, Miley said. One precinct in south Phoenix collected more than 600 weapons in one month.

The Arizona Department of Public Safety chopped them up for melting.

Today the sculpture stands at Roosevelt Street and Central Avenue, at the Metro light-rail stop. It’s surrounded by four concrete panels sandblasted with the names of people and organizations who helped make it happen.

The sculpture’s outstretched arms are symbolic of the ability to transform by being freed of fear, Miley said, much like the kids he works with every day through the Release the Fear organization.

“Hopefully, (the sculpture) ... helps community members relieve some of the fear in their life, that baggage that we’re carrying around,” he said.

About Release the Fear and the important work that they do.

“The Arizona Department of Juvenile Corrections (ADJC) has a longstanding and positive working relationship with Release the Fear. The youth adjudicated to us often have a range of issues to address, including delinquency, substance abuse and dependence, mental health, and trauma. Release the Fear workshops, held at ADJC several times per year, provide a safe place where the youth can be honest and open about their behavioral problems. The workshops take place over a number of days and a large number of youth have been served for several years through this program. Dedicated facilitators assist youth in developing the life skills needed to address the life issues they face, including peer pressure, gang involvement, bullying, abuse, and violence. The value of this powerful program is that it reinforces, in a relaxed and non-judgmental fashion, the treatment interventions that our youth receive while they are with us in secure care. Consequently, all interventions, including those provided by Release the Fear, add to a youth’s ability to successfully transition to the community with transferable skills. ADJC is appreciative of this program and hope that our youth continue to benefit from the workshops.”

Charles Flanagan
Director- Arizona Department of Juvenile Corrections
1624 West Adams Phoenix, AZ 85007

At Breakfast in the Community Center, Fry’s Mercado Tuesday, October 19, 2010
The keynote speaker U.S. Marshall David Gonzales spoke about the importance of Release the Fear. He said, “Yesterday I had to write a check for $14,000,000 for one month of the costs to house just our Federal Prisoners at a facility in Florence, AZ. It hurts me to write that check especially when I think about all the good that money could be doing towards education and programs like Release the Fear.”

US Marshall Gonzales is an Advisory Board Member of RTF, and is passionate about the value of early intervention with youth in juvenile detention and the positive economic impact such interventions have on the community.

Miley Returns The Release The Fear Program, To The Island That Inspired It.  Click here for details

Release the Fear from Release the Fear on Vimeo.

Release the Fear from Release the Fear on Vimeo.

ReleaseTheFearAMW from Release the Fear on Vimeo.

GenisisWorkshop from Release the Fear on Vimeo.

rtddedication from Release the Fear on Vimeo.


Extra1 from Release the Fear on Vimeo.

Extra7 from Release the Fear on Vimeo.

Release the Fear Partners with Youth at Risk paints murals with Phoenix Police Department and Community.




Robert Miley and Release the Fear featured on America’s Most Wanted for Capture of Fugitive Michael Chaves

Interview to air Saturday, February 13, 2010, 8:00 PM, Fox-10 Phoenix

Miley donated the reward he received from U.S. Marshals for his involvement in the capture to the organization he founded, Release the Fear, Inc. As Miley said during the interview with America’s Most Wanted. Click here for details

U.S. Federal Marshal David Gonzales, Robert Miley, U.S. Attorney for the District of Arizona, Dennis Burke presenting Robert with a reward for capture of America’s Most Wanted. Robert donated the entire reward to Release the Fear to help other youth not to choose the same path.

Release the Fear Sculpture featured in documentary, that premiered at the 2009 G8 Summit in Japan.

Watch Video


Fear and Love: Shedding Light in Darkness, from PhoenixArtSpace

Release the Fear - Melted Weapons Sculpture

Photos By: Christoph Schweiger and Rick Pascale

Release the Fear and Artist Robert J. Miley guided Justice Sandra Day O’Connor and friends, in creating a masterpiece on canvas. Justice O’Connor along with sons, Scott and Brian, and guest artist Hugh Downs, Tempe Mayor Hallman, Kim Sterling-Heflin, Barbra Barrett, Nan Howlett, Faye and Jim Kitchel, Karl Eller Michele Feeney, Michael Rooney, Merrill Mahaffey, Randy Jones, Bill O’Brien, and Fran du Aime, were many friend who created a tangible reminder of their affection and expression of what they can accomplish together.

At dedication of the O’Connor Home at the Arizona Historic Museum site.
Friends gathered Tuesday evening October 22nd 2009 to celebrate the accomplishment of moving this home brick by brick to its new site.


Release the Fear (RTF) a social service agency that offers multi-disciplinary experiential base learning workshop programs for youth, engages participants in communication and life skill interactive exercises.

At the conclusion of workshops participants express together on a single canvas what they’ve learned about their newfound possibilities and purpose and what they can accomplish together.

RTF’s mission is to counter the effects of violence in our communities by turning fear, anger, and hate into acceptance, hope, and empowerment by bridging endless possibilities through the creative process.

Founded in 1996, RTF centers on bringing community together to resolving conflict through education and the power of interactive creative processing. Adults and children invest time to create an empathetic learning environment to raise awareness of their own attitudes. This awakening of self-awareness enables children  and adults alike to learn to express themselves and creatively cope with the challenges in their lives.

The educational workshops are ongoing, meeting many Arizona State educational standards by utilizing various disciplines such as writing, interactive play, and sensory exercises as well as painting and drawing - tangible inquiry tool used in the creative context of the programs, showing how creativity is the bridge that allows us to pass through fear by giving us a means to explore and express the endless possibilities of who and where we are, exposing our true purpose in life. For more information visit us on line www.releasethefear.org


Cox Communications Documentary on the success of Release the Fear, Inside-Out Bridging Possibilities program, that Cox Charities sponsored, in detention facilities.



Release The Fear

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