The Doors of Resistance

Release The Fear is alway so powerful in many ways. Watching lives be touched so profoundly. Robert talks about expanding language. Learning about their srtuggles helps me realize my own transformations and that we’re not always so different from one another. Sometimes emotions flood the room with initial hesitation, testing intentions and boundaries, but then something happens. The doors of resistance open up. The walls slightly tilt. Abstractions and metaphors evolve in poetry through spoken words and art. Thoughts sometimes are too powerful to understand, but we can still feel them floating even when it’s impossible to explain.

I become a child again for an instant. Just long enough to step into those shoes again, traveling through the hostel enviorments of innocence. and the rotating obstacles. Staring into the mirror, sustaining enough comfort and knowledge to filter the crimes of our minds. Streets stained with surrender but also leaking an endless radiance of hope.

Translucent memories limping away from frail scars, then suddenly getting only stronger in the void of time and under the spell of magestic thoughts. Opening the light we see when we land on our feet after falling, discovering the precious salvation upon the premises feeding from the courageous intentions we must put into action.